Good people with real issues who will not be ready to move when we move surround us all. But as the parable in Luke 14:16-24 points out, people always have excuses for not responding to the call of God today. Those people have every right to live by whatever priorities they choose. But like Jesus, we cannot be hindered, detained, or sidetracked by the priorities or preferences of others.

Rarely will a leader have to choose who to leave behind. People make their own decisions. They don’t deliberately decide to be left behind; they just decide not to walk where we are walking. This doesn’t make them wrong. It just means that our paths have now reached a fork. They will go one way and I will go the other. The real question is not, “Will I leave this person behind.” The real question is rather, “Will I remain true to my calling regardless of who walks with me?”

Every man has to live his own life and seek his own destiny. Too often, people want us to stop our journey and live for their purposes. They try to persuade us of all the reasons we should see the world through their eyes. While we must always be sensitive and compassionate, we should never do so at the cost of our mission. The world will suffer if you do not fulfill your call. We must be true to our own calling, to our own destiny, to our own purpose. We only discover who can truly walk our path if we keep walking! Those who have the heart to come along will seek God, develop themselves, overcome their issues, and make the journey. (read entire article)

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