Fearing God is a torment that leads to hating or despising God!There are dark forces that mold the way the world sees God. Religion, government and false science are the top three. Religion gives rise to the other two. Religion, before and after Christ, has always attempted to twist the Scriptures into a way to give man power to control the lives of others. The primary way to do that is to incite fear. Fear makes men susceptible to control by those who promise protection!

The only way to know God is by faith/trust! Faith comes when we know God loves us. If we are unsure He loves us, then we fear Him. Fearing God is a torment that leads to hating or despising God! The prophet Isaiah said oppressive leaders cause man to blaspheme God’s name continually, (Isaiah 52:5-6). Jesus said the religious leaders oppressed the people with their twisted legalistic presentation of God. In fact, He said if you were tired and burned out from trying to work their plan, take on My yoke, My doctrine of God!

The world doesn’t really hate God; they hate their idea of God created by religion. JOIN ME this week and discover the way to protect your heart from religion and to always see God as He is and always trust the God of love!