Quote for Blog - 041916When first saved our realization of mercy is fresh and this awareness influences everything we do and think. Then, like the children of Israel, we forget where we were when God delivered us; our life gets cleaned up and our awareness of God’s mercy becomes a distant memory!

A new study revealed the need for forgiveness and why most people don’t ask for it. It showed what the Bible has always taught: all people need a positive sense of self. In our attempt to feel good about ourselves we make excuses and blame others instead of admitting wrong and experiencing forgiveness. People who experience Freedom from Emotional Debt tend to have no problem realizing their daily dose of God’s mercy!

Confessing and repenting sins has been so twisted by legalism into a self-debasing ritual that many believers reject the biblical wisdom to do either. To confess means to “say the same thing.” If I can’t say the same thing about my behavior the Bible says I’ll never repent, i.e. change my mind about the behavior and I’ll continue in dysfunction.

If I own my issues I find the grace to release them and experience God’s forgiveness fresh and new. The ongoing connection to God and His mercy inspires us to show it. My Personal Story of Getting Whole is more than a one-time experience of God’s mercy; it’s been a daily experience that constantly reminds me of God’s incredible love.

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