God’s love is most perfectly manifested in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Our understanding of God, His Word and everything in the Bible evolves around loving God with all our heart, mind and strength, and loving others as we love ourselves. When a life of love (as God’s Word defines it in the three dimensions of God, others, and self) becomes our life’s goal, our definition of spirituality and our application of Scripture, we have set ourselves on a course that will forever change everything in our lives.

God’s love is most perfectly manifested in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Learn all you can about what occurred in that process. Study the life, teaching and cross of Christ and realize that He is the exact representation of God. Align your every belief and doctrine with Jesus. Use Jesus’ life as the goal for how you desire to live. Fully commit to walking in love toward others. Make it a habit to notice and acknowledge God’s goodness in every good thing in your life. When you read the Bible ask the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher and help you recognize the character of God in every word you read! Develop a life of true, intimate interaction with God through prayer, worship, meditation and contemplative Bible reading! Listen and obey when you hear His voice in your heart!  Last, but by no means least,: treat God as He deserves to be treated!

JOIN ME this week and begin to move along this journey to a wonderful love relationship as we examine what it really looks like to connect to the heart of God!

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