The Victory Pack


These messages are tailor-made to combat the religious traditions that are undermining your faith!

(10 Messages)



Jesus wants every believer to enjoy an incredible life! However, in talking to believers all over the world, I’ve found that only a few are experiencing what the New Covenant promises. For two thousand years, religion has corrupted the truth about God, the finished work of Jesus, and the New Covenant. Tradition has made the Word of God of no effect; yet, we’ve heard it for so long, we don’t realize it is tradition, and we think it is the truth! We believe we need more faith. No! Our faith must build on the foundations of the New Covenant, which was purchased by the blood of Jesus.

The Victory Pack is ten of the most important messages you’ll ever hear! These messages are tailor-made to combat the religious traditions that are undermining your faith! Ask yourself these questions: Do I believe in healing but I seldom get healed? Do I know I should enjoy prosperity, but I’m always struggling with finances? Do I believe in the grace of God, yet still, find myself living a compromised life? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you probably have much of the right doctrine but just can’t get it to work because your faith is undermined. The Victory Pack contains ten powerful, life-transforming, faith-building, foundational messages you need to live in absolute victory: the quality of life promised by the Lord Jesus!

The Victory Pack includes cornerstone messages about:

  • The Gospel of Peace (God is never your problem)
  • Dignity and Worth (God wants you to feel good about you)
  • Identity in Christ (The reason all of God’s promises are yours)
  • Grace: The Power to Live (Winning by His power)
  • The Love of God (Experiencing His unconditional love)
  • The Stumbling Stone (The one thing that causes everyone to struggle)
  • Experiencing God in Your Heart (Making this real)
  • Satan: Stripped of Power (End your fear of the devil)
  • Prosperity with Perspective (How to prosper and not destroy your life)
  • Activating Your Faith (How to bring your faith to life)

Build on the foundation of the finished work of Jesus, and you will realize that your faith works. You will break through the limitation imposed on your life by the beliefs of your heart. Your life will enter that place where walking in resurrected life is easy and light!

(10 Messages)

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