Take Control of Your Life

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The world is out of control. What do you do in the face of seemingly overwhelming problems? You can take control of your life! In this must-read book, Dr. Jim Richards unveils the singular problem and simple solution to the world’s ills.



The world is out of control. What do you do in the face of seemingly overwhelming problems? You can take control of your life! In this must-read book, Dr. Jim Richards unveils the singular problem and simple solution to the world’s ills. The problem? Codependency. The solution? Believe what God says and ignore everything else.

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10 reviews for Take Control of Your Life

  1. Jay J

    “This is a must read for all who wants to find themselves and find fulfillment in life. The basic truths revealed in this book set me free from other peoples expectations, my own expectations and made me realise that I am in control of my life and that God had intended this since the beginning. “”It is for freedom that He has set us free””.

    You don’t need to be depressed, unhappy, unfulfilled or a failure. You were made to be happy, fulfilled and successful. It is your birthright. Take hold of it and live it!

    Thank you Jiim Richards for once again being bold enough to tell the truth as it is. It set met free!”

  2. Becky S

    This was a very informative book for co-dependency. Dr. Richards “left no stone unturned” in helping us to understand what co-dependency looks like, but helps the reader to understand the consequences and what they look like.

  3. Jamie C

    Excellent Book on Codependence. Even if you think you have mastered it, this book will give good insight into how what we consider to be the norms of society, just may include codependent behaviors and mindsets. It’s time to get free!

  4. W. W.

    I have liked everything I have read from Dr. Richards. This is no exception. Break free of the bonds which have restricted you before and enjoy you the new found liberty that this book will open up to you.

  5. Alex h

    Dr. Richards goes past self help to true personal development by looking into the Word of God and growing toward what it says we have been made in Christ.

  6. Don k

    Practical no-nonsense spirituality, if ever those words could be used in the same sentence. It challenges and debunks so much of the claptrap we’ve been fed and come to believe in the name of Jesus. Read it every year for a spiritual tune up and annual spring cleaning of sorts.

  7. Gene B

    “Don’t be deceived by the title. This is a great book for everyone. I read it because I am impressed with Jim Richard’s work and was glad I did.

  8. June w

    All of Dr. Richards books are well written. Points are made in an easy to follow manner. Excellent research. Dr Richards style doesn’t allow the reader to get lost in definitions or interpretations. Very practical information for daily living.

  9. Steve V

    Amazing book. Really shows you how to take power and control of your own life and not let circumstances or other people control you.

  10. Jennifer e

    “Filled with wonderful insight and wisdom. The author breaks down the often misunderstood subject into clear direction and removes the seeming mystery of what grace really is.

    A loving Savior who purchased for us a no strings attached gift to walk in and enable a life that wins if the simple willingness to walk on that path is present.
    Some excerpts: “”Faith does not believe God is going to; faith believes God already has. Faith knows that the work of the Cross is complete; therefore, it is all available to us now””. “”A man in the flesh is a man who is attempting to be made righteous by his own ability””. “”Sin does not have dominion over us; to sin is always a choice. Sin is always willful (for the believer). We give in to the sins we enjoy. No one gives in to the sins he hates””. “”Grace works through righteousness. Departing from truth frustrates the grace of God (see, Galatians 2:21)””.

    The importance of “”faith righteousness”” is rightly heavily emphasized. It is a gift; not a thing to be attained and vital to a transforming life. This is the big stumbling stone to those who insist on earning it.
    The author unveils Proverbs 4:23: “”Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life””. Believing in the heart is the key to real change. There is only one righteousness that matters. Any other righteousness is ultimately futile and vain.

    Rarely do I find a book that after finishing reading it, and taking notes, I then read it again. Most encouraging and uplifting. Many thanks to James Richards. Recommended.”

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