How to Make Lasting Friendships Series


God’s Word is full of wisdom about how to build relationships that last. Get the tools you need to build, manage, and recover friendships.

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In a transient, remote world that only connects in cyberspace, it’s getting harder and harder to create meaningful friendships, and even harder to sustain them. Once a healthy friendship begins, there are endless opportunities for conflict and division. School, television, and current social trends provide little insight into how to start, maintain, or recover friendships.

Few things in life are as valuable, yet as mismanaged as friendships. God’s Word is full of wisdom about how to build relationships that last.

In this incredible series, you will:

  • Discover God’s principles for how to develop friendships
  • Identify toxic friendships
  • Learn principles for healthy friendships
  • Develop the art of  avoiding offense
  • Obtain the information to keep relationships from dying
  • Master the tools for resolving conflicts

The population is growing more lonely and isolated every day. The main thing that fuels loneliness is the absence of tools for building friendships. Once established, relationships are too precious to handle recklessly. Get the tools you need to develop, manage, and recover friendships. They say we won’t take anything out of this world with us, but THEY are wrong. The one thing we will take with us into eternity is our relationships!

(5 Messages)

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