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Enter the state that King David utilized to connect with God. When you meditate daily you will see phenomenal benefits like:  A greater sense of connection to God, Less stress,  A heightened sense of awareness, An abiding sense of peace, A new sensitivity to the voice of God, and much, much more!

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King David was a worshiper of whom God said, “I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart” (Acts 13:22, NKJV). What was it that set David apart? It was his heart! He learned and developed the secret of connecting to God from his heart.

Before there was any knowledge of the brain’s alpha waves or scientific evidence of the power and effectiveness of meditation, David harkened to God’s call to meditate. He learned to enter that state where the conscious mind loses its grip and gives way to the thoughts of the heart. Meditation is that place where we connect to God in a way that goes far beyond what words can express – it’s a heart connection!

When we enter the “flow,” that place of peace where we sense God, feel free to worship, or connect beyond words, we come into a meditative state. In this state, the brainwave activity slows to what is known as the alpha state. The prophets of old would worship, recite Scripture, pray for prolonged periods, and fast or meditate to enter this state. Once in this state, they realized the capacity to hear God’s voice better than ever before.

Like all who follow God from the heart, David realized that he could enter this state by taking the same steps as the prophets of old – connect to God the last thing at night or the first thing in the morning. Just before going to sleep and for a few minutes after awakening, we enter the alpha state where we can bypass our conscious mind and connect with God in our hearts.

In Psalm 4:4, which is considered the evening Psalm, David said, “Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.” In this powerful meditation, you can enter the state that King David utilized to connect with God. When you meditate daily, you will see phenomenal benefits, such as:

  • A greater sense of connection to God
  • Less stress
  • A heightened sense of awareness
  • An abiding feeling of peace
  • A new sensitivity to the voice of God
  • And much, much more!

Paul explained to Timothy that the ability to give ourselves entirely to the things of God was to meditate on them. “Meditate on these things; give yourself wholly to them, that your progress may be evident to all” (1 Tim. 4:15).

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