A few weeks ago I sent out a letter encouraging preparation for the economic hardships looming on the American horizon. Let me be the first to say that we can change most of this, but I don’t think we can avoid all of it. I also realize that the time it will take to turn a problem of this magnitude is not overnight. I am still blessing America and I hope you are doing the same, but you must realize the darkest forces on the face of the earth are cursing America. They are speaking and working for the collapse of the free enterprise system, Christianity, America, and Israel. Our enemy is motivated, organized, and vigilant.

Those of us who believe we can use our faith to bless our nation must give ourselves the emotional freedom to do so. We must create a space of relative peace and security that gives us the freedom to use our faith for something more than survival. Our peace must be in Jesus, but our physical survival must be in strategic planning. However, we cannot focus on the bigger issues of our nation if we are encumbered with the daily struggles of survival. Remember, it is the little foxes that spoil the vine. (Song of Solomon 2:15) If you’re consumed with the small things you will lose hope for the bigger ones.

If you recall, I warned of certain economic events that would happen. Some are happening now; others are very close to happening. The World Bank says we cannot stand another shock to our economy. That shock could be Japan and its impact on global economy, the crops that are being destroyed by flooding and tornadoes occurring right now in the Heartland, or any number of other natural or man-made disasters.

You may know that China has already secured the rights to our oil leases in South America when they run out. Saudi Arabia and all of our former allies in the Middle East realize they have been betrayed by our government. They are/have negotiated agreements with Russia, China, and other countries for the oil we are now purchasing. We are not drilling for oil, mining for coal, or creating any workable alternative sources for fuel. Even if we resumed drilling today it would take a few years to get production back to sustainable levels. The limitation of oil causes the rise in the cost of everything and, whether you agree or not, before going into office our president said it was necessary for his plan of redistributing wealth for this to happen. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with, like or dislike the president; I just want you to know this is planned and strategic! It is already happening and will continue to happen to some degree!

Several countries recently met with oil-producing countries (the US was not invited) to discuss/ plan to change the world currency standard from US dollars to some other currency. The moment that happens our dollar will be devalued and our ability to trade on the world market will be devastated. The cascading effects of this when (not if) it occurs will be beyond anything we have ever seen as a nation. Late last year China warned that if we monetized our debt they would either call the debt due or require the establishment of a new world currency.

America is seduced with the idea to go “green.” Spain already tried that and it completely destroyed their economy. There is no scientific or market proof that green energy can provide any more than approximately one percent of our energy needs any time in the foreseeable future. I am praying that someone will come up with an innovative idea (that the government will not squelch through regulation) that will solve the problem, and I think it is possible.

If you were thinking of an electric car, you might want to remember that it takes coal, nuclear energy, or oil to create the electricity to run an electric vehicle. Plus, some states are planning a usage tax on the electric cars we are told to buy to save the economy and the planet. And then there is the usage tax the federal government is planning to add to our already taxed-to-death situation.

In our unscientific yet politically correct logic to save the planet we are committing nearly our entire corn crop to ethanol. This means that beef, milk, pork, chicken, eggs, and anything else that is fed corn is skyrocketing in cost. In other words, we are using our food for fuel while we are on the brink of a global food crisis. Corn prices have already doubled in the last six months, rising from $3.50 a bushel to more than $7 a bushel. In the event of some type of natural disaster, there is only enough corn in our reserves to last a few days. The IMF says the US has no viable plan to resolve its debt crisis. The IMF is only one of the many global powers seeking to lead us to a new world currency. This is science fiction, this is daily news.

When I wrote my last article along these lines even many who thought I was possibly correct about the facts felt that it could not happen very soon, but just this week one of the major warning signs occurred! The S&P downgraded the credit rating of the United States. The repercussion of this is more than any of us can calculate; much of this will only be realized as it unfolds.

In the Administration’s new budget America will spend $6.85 million per minute, and about 40% of that money is borrowed. The current interest rate to service such astronomical borrowing is beyond the comprehension of the average person. (The taxes that are already burying us alive will soon not even pay the daily interest.) This downgrading of our credit rating means that anyone who loans us money will do so at a much higher interest rate than before. Even if the political parties were using real accounting numbers in their budgets (which they are not) their numbers are now meaningless. The increase in interest makes every budget proposal from either party totally bogus (which they all were from the beginning.)

Now for the heart of what we need to consider: It doesn’t matter who you think got us here.

Personally, I think both parties have lied to us and played games with our nation and our future; that has been my position for years. They are both guilty and untrustworthy. Deciding who to blame has never solved any of our problems; deciding what we will do is the only solution. Will you curse the darkness or light a candle? You may not be able to light a candle for the world, but you can light a candle for your family!

If you fail to prepare you will be cursing the political party you oppose while you and your family starve. At that point political affiliation is meaningless! I do not want to motivate you to fear; I want to prepare you to survive. I want to help you and your family buy the needed time to figure out what to do next, turn our country around, and outlast the crisis. I don’t want you standing in a food line, rioting in the streets, being consumed with despair, being filled with bitterness, or thinking God let you down! If you prepare you will not despair!

Again, I encourage you to have enough food and supplies on hand to survive at least a year. Put this ahead of everything else. I encourage churches and social groups to develop emergency plans. But most importantly, I encourage you to connect with God like you have never done before. None of us are smart enough to survive these evil times apart from up-to-the-minute wisdom from our God and Father!

I am attaching a list of sources for bulk food and other survival supplies. Check them out or do your own research. At the top of the list, I want to tell about something Brenda and I started doing: hydroponic gardening. Through a company in Florida, we have found a way to grow year-round supplies of fresh organic food. This is something I would do even if I didn’t foresee a food crisis emerging. The startup costs are very reasonable and you will recover your costs within just a couple of months and actually begin saving money. In the words of one economist, “Fresh fruits and vegetables will soon be food for the elite!” Well, not if you can grow them yourself! Seed supplies are in great abundance at very reasonable prices at your local feed and seed stores.

If you buy fresh vegetables or fruits on a regular basis you know that costs are increasing weekly, and organic food is sky-rocketing. Much of the fresh vegetables bought in stores are GMO’s. Research reveals that these have devastating health side effects. You do not want that stuff in your body. It will be part of the next coming worldwide health disaster! Hydroponic gardening is a truly organic, bio-friendly food supply, and it is amazingly low maintenance. Brenda and I are actually planning to have a large enough “garden” to feed ourselves and our children.

Besides being cost effective, environmentally friendly, and nutritionally superior, it takes almost no space! It can be done indoors or outdoors year round and there is so little work that anyone can do it. No weeding, no plowing, no rotary tiller, and no spraying or poisoning! This is gardening at its best in every conceivable way. Click this link to Living Towers to see these incredible gardening towers and get your own garden growing today! In just 3-4 weeks you can be eating organic food out of your own garden! It comes complete with pictures, testimonies, and instructions.

Make a plan for your family that involves immediate needs, short term and long term needs, and mobile survival:

1.      Fresh green live food  Living Towers

2.      Dried food supplies like rice, beans, sugar, salt, & other staples

3.      Plenty of spices and seasonings

4.      Essential canned goods (check the expiration dates)

5.      Dried food (milk, soups, meals, etc.)

6.      Fill your freezer with meats that you desire

7.      Packaged foods with a long-term shelf life

8.      Water supply

9.      Medical supplies

This website has a list of the top 100 survival tips: Survival Tips

Make your spiritual preparation:

1.      Read your Bible

2.      Pray daily

3.      Get out of fear

4.   Spend time developing your capacity to hear your heart (Heart Physics)

The question is not if but when? The question is not, “Who is to blame?” The question is, “Who is prepared?” The cure for every problem is found in the way we solve it. The thinking that got us here will not get us out of here; that’s why solving all problems begins with repentance: the willingness to change your mind and think a different way. The character and diligence that it takes to conquer a challenge is the character that would have prevented the problem from occurring. It is the same character that can change the course and bring recovery, but the person who thinks we can keep thinking and doing the same things and expect change is truly insane!

No matter which political party you choose, if you do not get very vocal to your local, state, and federal representatives saying that you want our country to live within a balanced budget and reduce its debt, you are aco-conspiratorr with the problem. Don’t think this is a Democrat or Republican party; this is irresponsible Americans who have wanted special interests for their state, group, or demographic at the expense of our country. If we do not stop spending, the clowns that play on your emotions about old people not having food or medical care will break the country that is providing the food and medical care they currently have. FIGURE THIS OUT! When America is broke there will be NO SOCIAL PROGRAMS, NO SPECIAL INTERESTS, AND NO PORK BARREL SPENDING!