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May 2022

As we look ahead to the events coming to Planet Earth, three very different things will happen in the Church. We have to remind ourselves that the Church is not a building or organization to understand what’s happening. The Church can meet as a local congregation, but it is not necessarily a local group. The Church is “the called out” by God. The Church is a group of individuals who have come out of the world and live for God’s purposes.

The majority of scholars and serious students of the Bible are expecting a great end-time revival. Based on Scripture, we have every reason to expect this great move of God. But to have a great revival, we must know and do our part. Deception is the earmark of the Beginning of Sorrows and the last days. In addition to false Christs, there will be groups that identify themselves as churches and will work to undermine the gospel while minimizing your faith.

Religion would have us believe that revivals are sovereign moves of God. This logic would imply that God occasionally, for some inexplicable reason, decides He will pour out His Spirit in a way that He has been holding back up until now. This explanation is out of sync with the character and nature of God. He is always ready to move mightily in the earth, but He needs people through whom He can express Himself!

Over the last one hundred years, most of what has been identified as moves of God were usually activities restricted to events within a particular local congregation. Studies have shown that nearly none of these “movements” made any significant impact on our nation. They tended to be closed events that stirred congregations and attracted Christians of all backgrounds. So, Christians poured in and witnessed what they believed were supernatural events but didn’t reach the lost or make disciples.

Because of religion’s 1900 years of corrupting our thinking, the human race expects God to do what He has called us to do, and we expect Him to do things in ways that He, many times, has clearly revealed He will not. Unscriptural expectations are a major reason for faith failing, and we project blame on God for our failure to trust and obey! In short, the orthodox church is looking for and praying for something that fails to bear fruit from a biblical perspective. We want what has come and gone a dozen times and made little impact on our nation.

History reveals that the same orthodox church praying for a move of God today will be the first to oppose and persecute that move if it happens. The orthodox church doesn’t want anything that will change the way it operates. It cries out for revival but doesn’t want church. We must be careful not to find ourselves seeking that which is meaningless for the Kingdom.

Most, who are looking for a great outpouring, assume God will move through the orthodox church. That’s probably not going to happen! Why? The word “orthodox” can mean “traditional.” According to Jesus, tradition is one of the few things that can neutralize the grace of God and make the Word of God of no effect. Plus, history reveals that the orthodox church usually persecutes and resists every new thing God attempts to do.

When we look to an organization to do what God actually does through individuals, we tend to neutralize ourselves. We sit, waiting for “someone” to step up, but no one does. We think revival will come through special meetings, visiting preachers, or special programs. But what God is looking for are believers who will take the commission of Jesus seriously, making it a personal call!

The Jesus Movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s was one of the most powerful movements in America in modern history. Unlike the “signs & wonders” version of revival, it was a grassroots uprising that won the lost, preached the gospel, made disciples, and had a phenomenal impact on modern worship. It broke out in parks, houses, streets, everywhere people gathered. Individuals taking the life of Christ into their homes, neighborhoods, and friendships did what would not have been possible in the closed confinement of a congregational meeting.

The orthodox church fought against the Jesus movement for decades. They attacked our form of worship. They claimed that singing scripture was irreverent and demonic. They did what the carnal church always does. They eventually realized that their moment had passed, and if they didn’t find a way to take over the Jesus Movement, their time of glory would be over. Then, as is usual, they squeezed the life out of it and turned it into a commercial pursuit.

Don’t get me wrong. Some great churches with great pastors passionately serve God and their communities. But they are the minority. Many of those pastors will lead their church into powerful ministry as time draws near. But real revival will probably not come through the orthodox church; it will be a grassroots movement, just like every other great move of God!

In Revelation chapters 2-3, Jesus writes letters to seven churches. While these letters address genuine problems in the seven churches at that time, most scholars agree these letters have a prophetic aspect. They represent church history from the apostolic age (The Church at Ephesus) to the apostate (The Church at Laodicea) end-time church. The letters were written by Jesus Himself, yet the orthodox church ignores them. Every church in the world could take the composite of recommendations Jesus made to all the churches as an instructional manual to bring renewal to any church with any problem.

Each of the seven churches received admonitions to repent from destructive, sinful behavior: all but the last church: Laodicea. Laodicea represents the final phase of the worldwide church. It is the most carnal of all the churches, and it is so carnal and corrupt that it is the only church for which Jesus offers no cure for their problem. This prophetic look at the 21st-century church tells me one thing: this church will not have the spiritual life to inspire or empower a great move of God. Moreover, if history continues to repeat itself, this 21st-century church will be at the head of the line seeking to persecute those who seek to walk with God and influence the world with the Gospel.

Please do not become judgmental concerning churches, but don’t put your hopes in a great revival within the church. Many churches will “step up” under the influence of great leaders. The more the godly leaders follow Christ, persecution from the orthodox church and the government will increase against those who actually minister the Word of God. The great majority of churches will become state churches. The only churches that will survive are those that become state churches. The gospel will be outlawed, and leading people to Jesus will be considered hate speech. The government will become the only entity allowed to approve the ordination of ministers. It will become like it was in Rome; the clergy represents the state; the laity will be suppressed and deceived.

Why am I telling you this? America will be filled with home churches, and small and often secret groups. Those who have awakened to the Spirit of God will step into their roles as disciples and servants. Do not be dismayed or discouraged when the orthodox church tries to stifle your voice and giftings. But don’t stop. Let God use you to reach places and people that the orthodox church could never reach.

Amazingly, at a time when the governments of the world think they have “clamped down” on all forms of Christianity, people will be hungry for God. He will pour His Spirit into the awaiting vessels; there will be a worldwide renewal of faith in Jesus. It will happen in houses, secret meetings, and spontaneous events.

Why did I mention the church at Laodicea and its representation of the 21st-century church? The goal is not to be negative of the church but to be a realist. The Church is not the building, the congregation, or the organization. The Church is the “called-out” individuals seeking to follow Jesus as Lord. That is the church we need to be,  recognize, and honor!

God gives us prophecy to know what to anticipate and how to respond effectively. If the orthodox church (Laodicea) is as corrupt as Jesus foretold, use wisdom about where to put your hope, finances, and involvement! Keep your heart open to God at all times. Allow Him to use you to help and serve others, one-on-one, in unusual places. If each of us allows the Holy Spirit to work through us, we will each be the impetus that launches the last great move of God.

I encourage you to remind yourself continually who you are in Jesus; He is in you. You are the Church. Embrace an awareness that you are the Church, whether you are acting alone or in a group! When you lay your head on your pillow, imagine yourself winning others to Jesus, working miracles, and developing disciples. Rehearse this in your heart. In time, you will find yourself confidently doing those things in real life that you now see in your heart.

Thank you for all you do to…

help us take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth!



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