World Changers

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August 2021

You probably don’t realize, but you are a part of the most powerful, world-altering revolution the world has ever seen and will ever see. The kingdom of God is at hand! It is a kingdom of life, light, and love! The darkness has tried for thousands of years to prevent any human from being alive at this time. The Nephilim, Luciferian, occult religions, godless governments, and wicked opportunists have tried to stamp out the morals, ethics, and standards of God for thousands of years, but we’re still here!

Before the foundation of the world, God prepared the most incredible plan wherein those who choose to know and love Him will eventually win the battle here on earth that has raged since the fall of man. Keep in mind, the battle in the heavens between God and Lucifer has already been won. It’s over! God won!

The Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is a picture of heaven and earth coming into harmony by man, using the authority God gave mankind! Religion has stolen the truth of man’s authority from the Church. In fact, most “Christians” believe man lost authority when he fell in the garden.

This one faulty foundational belief altered everything we believe about everything. If we have no authority, then we are led to believe we must beg an angry God to help us, heal us, deliver us, and protect us. That’s right, through a lack of faith in Jesus’ finished work, we surrender our authority and make ourselves subject to the kingdom of darkness.

Despite what religion says, we didn’t lose our authority when man fell; we lost our identity! When we don’t see ourselves as God created us, we have no sense of our identity. According to Romans 8:29, we can only recover our sense of identity by being conformed to the image of Christ.

The word conformed could be translated as jointly transformed. As we become one with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, we take on His resurrected identity. From that sense of oneness with Christ, we confidently use our authority and take our rightful place on Planet Earth.

We have two powerful factors that work for our benefit: as the message of the Kingdom is heralded to the ends of the earth, our paradigm of God and Christ will align more accurately with God’s Word. But most incredible is the fact that Jesus Himself, when the Church invites Him back, will return and conquer the powers of darkness.

One of the many misunderstood statements of Jesus came just before He departed Planet Earth. He said, “all authority is given to me in heaven and earth” (Matthew 28:18). Why is this statement so revolutionary? Only man can exercise authority on earth. He can do it for good or evil. While the church was praying centuries of unscriptural prayers, the wicked used their authority to align the world with evil.

Through Jesus, a completely righteous man can exercise authority for righteousness. The only reason Jesus has the right to come back, overthrow the antichrist and establish His kingdom is that He is the Son of man!

We will rule and reign with Him, but until He comes, our job is to raise up disciples who know they can use their authority for good instead of evil. We can equip and prepare ourselves to be part of the army that will defeat the greatest rise of evil since the beginning of time!

Each of us can be the light in the darkness in our community. Together we are a light in all the world. Your participation as a World Changer makes it possible for us to send this message daily to every nation on earth. Together we are… changing the way the world sees God!


PS I hope you’re participating in CyberChurch as I share with you the process whereby we jointly transform into the image of Christ and recover our sense of authority.

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