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Aug 2022

When COVID began, people contacted me with all kinds of questions. Since one of the “higher-ups” of one of the drug companies has openly talked about using drugs as a means to create tracking, monitoring, and controlling populations, many were afraid they might unknowingly take the Mark of the Beast.

I can absolutely assure you the Mark of the Beast can only be taken voluntarily. This is where every person will be forced into choosing between Jesus being Lord or the government being lord! According to sources, China is already stripping its citizens of their welfare and subsidies unless they rid their homes of ALL religious books, pictures, and other paraphernalia.

In Rome, the people could worship any god they chose. However, their highest allegiance had to be to Caesar. All citizens were required to make their pledge of lordship every year, and they would receive a document proving they were up to date. Without that document, you could be crucified, burned alive, fed to wild beasts in the arena, or any number of torturous, humiliating deaths.

While we cannot accidentally take the Mark of the Beast, we can, without realizing it, be seduced by the Great Harlot. The one warning about these days, more than any other, is: do not be deceived. The one thing we are commanded to do to be an overcomer is: hear what the Spirit is saying! These are the two keys to making it through the beginning of sorrows and the tribulation of the antichrist!

Both of these attributes require two things: the knowledge of the Word of God and a heart that recognizes and trusts the voice of the Lord. Both are developed in one way: intimacy with God. No one can teach it to you, do it for you, or provide a shortcut.

There is a provision in the New Covenant that can be a blessing or a curse.

I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. 11None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them. (Hebrews 8:10-11-emphasis mine)

The person who wants to know God personally and intimately has the promise of God fulfilling that desire. The Spirit of God will be their personal tutor, personalizing the Word of God, so they have the best quality of life possible. For that person, this is a blessing!

For the person who really doesn’t want to invest in their life, it is a curse. They will seek mediators to be their “gurus.” They let others do the praying, Bible reading, and explaining of the Scriptures. They desire for others to do everything God has equipped them to do. In the absence of the personal, life-giving interaction with God, they will grow bored, leaving them two choices: become religious and substitute ceremony for intimacy, or abandon their faith.

Then, in times of trouble, they will be like the five foolish virgins who do not have oil in their lamp. As a close friend of mine says, “they will have to call a preacher to ask what they should do.”

One of the doctrines Jesus hated passionately was the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. Some scholars believe the Nicolaitans were the professional clergy that emerged in the Roman church. The word Nicolaitan is a compound word that can mean conquest and laity. The Nicolaitans were the paid professional clergy. The fact that they were paid is not the issue. The problem is that they controlled the believer’s involvement with God.

They do the reading, praying, preaching, and ministry. They become a substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit. Pretending to serve the body of Christ, they actually control them. They cheat them out of the opportunity to know God for themselves and learn to live as overcomers.

I pray you have a great relationship with other believers, teachers, and pastors. But I pray that whatever any of us say, you take it to the Bible for yourself, and reach your own conclusions based on your understanding of the Scripture. More than anything, I pray you will always seek God about how to apply the Scripture. Even when I or anyone else presents you with sound doctrine, we can’t tell you how to apply it to your life at this very moment. Only God can do that!

In these moments, you will move from words on the page to the Word in your heart, with the wisdom and grace to put into practice.

Every program, book, video, and audio message we produce is to equip you to live as an overcomer, with a deep intimate relationship with God as your Father, Jesus as your Lord and elder brother, and the Holy Spirit as your teacher and helper.

Thank you for all you do to

Together we are changing the way the world sees God!