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April 2021

The diligent are not reactionary! They do not wait until trouble comes to take healthy, positive steps toward their life goals. They think ahead and are proactive!
The Book of Proverbs says much about the benefits of diligence as it juxtaposes diligence against being lazy, slack, inattentive, or reactive! Slackers wait until circumstances, employers, parents, or spouses force them to do what needs to be done. Then, of course, they whine and complain as if they are being mistreated. Proverbs 12:24 says it like this, “The hand of the diligent will rule, But the lazy man will be put to forced labor.

The diligent tend to be decisive planners who think ahead and prepare. Slackers tend to do only what they are forced to do. Then they cut as many corners as they can. (I won’t go into it now, but slackers are created by their parents, who teach their children to be codependent and lazy.)

As many of you know, for the last few decades, Huntsville, AL has become known as “tornado alley.” Two times every year, usually November and March, tornadoes would rip through our area, destroying property and killing people. Nearly every year, parts and sometimes virtually our entire city have been without electricity.

It always amazed me that people didn’t prepare for the possibility of the events. A tornado would hit, and people would act as if they were totally surprised, even though it was an annual event. The lack of preparation actually contributed to the suffering and death!

Every year, believers who didn’t prepare are on the news blaming God for the loss of loved ones. The truth is, it is often the believer’s lack of diligence that took children and friends’ lives! Preparation is a character trait of the diligent! Proverbs 27:12 says it like this, “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it,” (NIV).

My grandfather was a simple, uneducated farmer. He plowed his garden behind a mule until he was over 80 years old! He could barely read. Yet, he had a simple man’s wisdom. Since his family’s survival depended on his crop, he always made plans to protect them in the event of a failed crop. He dug a root cellar under his house where food could be canned and stored. He had a smokehouse where he hung and cured meat every year. There were a number of preventive planning measures he implemented.

I’ve always followed his example to some degree. A couple of decades ago I made a plan to be prepared for unexpected tragedy. I received a lot of criticism for this. Many people thought I was a prepper, planning for the end of the world. I was shocked to discover how few people in America have no emergency plan… for anything!

I know at some point in the near future that the economy will most likely collapse. I know all manner of man-made destructive events are coming sooner rather than later. Tragically, few people will be prepared, and it seems few people have the moral conviction to survive these types of crises. However, I’m making preparations for the annual tornadoes more than anything else, but I also know I need to be prepared in the event of a greater disaster! I would recommend you consider the same.

More than once, I have been out on the road when a local disaster struck. Brenda still had electricity, food, television, and many other conveniences! For me, that’s just being a diligent husband!

More importantly, however, than even the natural supplies we need, the big question is this: “Are you prepared in your heart for when Jesus returns and calls you to meet Him in the air? The Old Testament model shows us that God always attempts to deliver His people. However, there is a catch – we must hear His voice in our hearts, and we must respond in faith. We have no example of God forcibly delivering people. He warns, He instructs, but we must respond.

I recommend you begin developing your heart now. Develop your own Heart Physics exercise. Get into your HeartZone. See yourself as Noah, who not only built an ark but prepared his family for what was coming. Experience yourself saying yes to Jesus and departing Planet Earth to meet Him in the air. Be diligent, make preparations. Make this real so you will recognize and respond when the time comes!

Click the following link to watch, “Preparing to Meet Jesus,” a special video interview with Abi Lopez and myself:

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P.S. Please enjoy this powerful testimony from an Essential Heart Physics participant:
I’m on day 11 of my Heart Physics meditation. When Dr. Richards counted down I was very relaxed. When he got to zero, and the door opened up to my secret place, I went and sat down like I have the previous 13 times.

My secret place is on the edge of a cliff that overlooks about 200 acres. It was quiet, cool, the wind was blowing, and I could smell the cedar. So, I’m sitting there and I’m not seeing Jesus. Then I think I see him, but I don’t. I get the feeling that I need to turn around. I turn around, and he’s standing behind me. I stand up, and I look at him, and I tell him that I love him. He looked back at me (I am literally picturing the Jesus on The Chosen) and he says, “I love you son. You are my favorite.” And I got really warm and tingly. Tears started streaming down my face. It was amazing. I was literally in my heart zone. I got rocked. It has taken 11 days to get to this point. I can’t wait to meditate again tomorrow.

I also had an out-of-body visual of what it looks like for Jesus to be in me, and I saw myself sitting in my chair with like a glow around me. It was crazy.