Jesus came so we could see and understand God as He really is.Almost everything we have been taught about the Commandments is wrong. Jesus came so we could see and understand God as He really is. He also showed us the only scriptural way to understand and apply the Commandments.

The Commandments tell us how we will treat others if we are walking in love as God defines. Paul tells us that when we walk in love we will fulfill the Commandments, and Jesus said when we keep His Commandments we are abiding in His love. God never intended for the Commandments to be the way we earn righteousness; they were to be the definition and standard of love. When God’s love is our intention it will never be expressed in a way that violates God’s Commandment about how to treat others.

The Commandments about how we should treat one another give us insight into what we can expect from God. He will never violate His own Commandment in the way He relates to us. We can understand God, what to expect from Him and how He will treat us when we follow Jesus’ teaching and base all understanding, interpretation and application of the Commandments on the fact that they express the love of God in all dimensions of relationship.

JOIN ME this week and let’s make this journey into loving God and man perfectly.