Quote for Blog - 041416If you know much about music you’ve heard stories about the old bluesmen who sold their soul to the devil in exchange for fame. But very few will ever make a deal with the devil to sell their soul; instead, we tend to trade our soul (emotional wholeness) one compromise at a time.

One of the first rules of getting well is, stop killing yourself! Our every compromise has a negative effect on our conscience and it causes emotional instability as well as the inability to think soberly! Freedom from Emotional Debt will not only show you how to free yourself from the pain of the past, it will show you how to avoid creating new pain!

The Bible tells us that the peace of God should rule, i.e. be the referee that helps us in making all decisions. We should never do anything that would cost us our peace.  The loss of peace is the pathway of personal destruction. The more turmoil we feel, the more destructive we become. Any time you find yourself at the place of internal conflict, come back to your Shepherd, He will restore your soul. If you’re in conflict, The Restoration of the Soul is just the message you need to hear today!