All that has been freely given must be received.All that God has is already legally ours; however, since we are created in the likeness and image of God we must always factor in free will. God forces nothing on us. All that has been freely given must be received. The Greek word means to “take hold of and bring unto yourself.”  That happens through a process the Bible calls faith. Religion has reduced faith to a formula we work to get God to give us things.

Faith is less about God’s resources (which have technically already been given) and more about trusting God as an individual. When we trust God and are in a relationship with Him we are ever anxious to hear His direction. As our Shepherd, God will lead us in the path of righteousness into green pastures, still waters, protection and provision. This personal leadership is called the wisdom of God: the practical application of truth.

Wisdom shows how to walk into the fulfillment of the promise. In fact, the Bible teaches that nearly every promise of God is found in wisdom. Not our wisdom, but God’s wisdom expressed through personal direction. JOIN ME this week and discover this incredible process I call The Promise of Wisdom. Your journey into the supernatural will be easy and light as we follow God’s plan instead of our own.