Quote for Blog - 030816All pain is rooted in your past. Past experiences that are still unresolved are emerging to steal your opportunity for life at its best. All of our pain is a form of PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Unresolved pain is stored in our cellular memory. When situations arise that remind us of those past environments all of the emotions from the original trauma reemerge. We’ve all heard the story about a war veteran who dives under a table in a restaurant when he hears a car backfire. He is reacting to a similar stimulus as if it were the actual bombs, guns or other life-threatening situation previously experienced. If you want to know more about emotional and spiritual PTSD check out my series, Freedom from Emotional Debt: Healing Your Broken Heart.

Most of us are not struggling with the trauma of war; we’re struggling with the trauma of life. The rejection, violence, molestation or continual berating in past events that have not been resolved is, according to Proverbs, “words that lie in wait for our blood!” When we find ourselves in certain situations we trigger those cellular memories which send signals to the brain which, in turn, floods our body with hormones and other neurochemicals that cause us to have uncontrollable emotions and physiological responses. If you’re ready to start breaking the power of this pain from the past join me in Impact CyberChurch as we explore the solutions to Emotional PTSD!