Quote for Blog Week 3There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be loved and accepted. In fact, this desire is a slight perversion of something God created within us that can work for our good!

The Greek word for “love” (agape) meansto value, hold in high regard, or consider special.” So every time the Bible mentions God’s love for us these are the words we should use to replace our single English word for “love.”

This concept of God’s love is the core of God’s nature. Everything He does comes from the fact that He has great value for us, considers us special and holds us in high regard! That is the opposite of what we’ve been taught all of our life.

Just think of this, but God demonstrates His own love (value, high regard, holding us as special) toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). When we were at our worst God had so much value for us that He redeemed us. The word “redeem” means to pay the value for something. He considers us to be worth the life of Jesus. For more information on establishing a life of consistent self-worth check out my series: The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions!

We were designed to get our value from a source outside of ourselves; so, where we look to determine our value controls our self-worth. If we look to people we will constantly seek to earn their approval, and a “people pleaser” can never be a God pleaser!

making decisions CDBut when we, like Jesus, look to the Father to determine our worth we always encounter a constant, consistent love and acceptance. God always has value for us even when we don’t deserve it! Therefore, consistently experiencing His love, value and acceptance gives us a constant, stable, unwavering sense of self-worth. Join me this week in CyberChurch to discover the secret to The Matrix of Life: dignity and worth!