Quote for Blog - 070116Our lack of knowledge of the truth, or sometimes our refusal to accept the truth, causes us to have repeated problems and blame God because they won’t go away. One of the core Kingdom values that is possibly linked to more personal destruction than anything else is personal responsibility. Theologically this feeds the idea that God should fix our problems which is related to another core Luciferian concept:  since God created the world and the world is evil, God is evil. The Christian version of this heresy is extreme sovereignty: God is in control of everything; therefore, your life is what He has chosen.

One of the core realities of faith is that we are created in the likeness and image of God; therefore, like God, we have free will, i.e. freedom of choice and, like God, we have authority. Since this is true, it isn’t God who needs to fix our life; we need to fix our life using God’s resources provided through the Word and the Spirit.

The Lord’s Prayer teaches us How to Set Our Life In Order. It shows us how to use our authority and even shows the categories we must address to avoid temptation and evil, i.e. chaos and destruction. I want to help you make your life work the way Jesus promised! Join me this week for Impact CyberChurch and learn the secret of setting your life in order. Click here to step into this incredible message!