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This Month on CyberChurch: 4 independent, heart-to-heart messages

1. The Forgotten Name of God

If I were to ask the average Christian how many of the names of God they knew, the number would probably be embarrassingly small. Some people respond with, “God is God; what difference does it make?”

God revealed Himself to the world originally through His names. A worshipper could know what to expect from God by knowing His name. In fact, if we knew God’s names we would not blame Him for the bad things that happen in our life. Many of the promises of God are to those who know His name. It’s not about having the right answer to the question; it’s about trusting Him for who He revealed Himself to be. JOIN ME this week and rediscover the forgotten name of God!

3. It’s All Good

Man was created to live in a pain free, drama free paradise in perfect harmony with God and His creation. Before the fall, man’s soul, the place where we emotionally experience all things, was under the influence of his spirit. After the fall, man became flesh, meaning that now his five natural senses dominated his soul. This means that man began to rely on the flesh for emotional gratification.

The knowledge of good evil acquired by eating from the tree was knowledge without God’s wisdom revealing what was good or destructive. Now the one factor for determining if something was good was whether or not it gratified the flesh. This was the beginning of the battle that still rages today between the spirit and the soul, and the Apostle Paul says that war is waged in your soul.

JOIN ME this week and discover how to follow the Holy Spirit and avoid the pitfalls of the flesh.

2. Discovering the Name of Jesus

Do you pray in the name of Jesus? If so why? Do you think repeating His name at the end of your prayer ensures God will hear and respond? If you do you’re no different than most 21st century Christians. Praying in the name of Jesus is for those who have faith in that name. That means you know what His names mean, and what they reveal about God, and what you can trust God to always do. Jesus was the exact representation of God; the word made flesh. His life and ministry revealed all the names of God in daily life and application.

JOIN ME this week and discover a new dimension of faith as we examine the power in the name of Jesus.

4. The Knowledge of Good and Evil

When man partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, everything in the world changed. God had created man in His likeness and image. Man was God’s ambassador given the task of ruling Planet Earth. Up until the moment man rebelled, he ruled the earth under the leadership and direction of God, which meant the end result of all decisions led to harmony with God. The moment man alienated himself from God, he began to make his own determination of good and evil, thus the world has become as it is today. Not only is it out of harmony with God, it is out of harmony with the human race.

Every decision we make will be us partaking of the tree of life – relying on God’s wisdom, or it will be partaking of the knowledge of good and evil – relying on our own wisdom.

JOIN ME this week and discover how every decision can keep you in harmony with God.