The Anatomy of a Miracle

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This series will forever change how you view and receive miracles! The Anatomy of a Miracle looks at the “inner workings” of miracles. After The Anatomy of a Miracle you will never again grope in the darkness of despair.

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What if a miracle was actually easy to obtain? Is it possible we have made it harder than it has to be? What if God wants us to experience the miraculous more than we want it? Think of the possibilities if the power to experience the miraculous is always present!

This series will forever change how you view and receive miracles! The Anatomy of a Miracle looks at the “inner workings” of miracles. It removes the miraculous from the realm of the mystical and places it squarely in the realm of the believable and the obtainable. With every message you are swept into a world where miracles not only exist, they become a part of everyday life!

Dr. Jim Richards has lived the miraculous for nearly forty years. He has walked out of disease, disaster, and potential ruin. He has seen miracles, signs, and wonders of nearly every kind. He has traveled the world to study the miraculous and he wants to take a lifetime of research, study, and experience and make it available and obtainable to you.

In this incredible series you will:

  •    Expect miracles every day
  •    See the Miraculous in an entirely new light
  •    Discover the secret of yielding
  •    Connect to the “dynamo,” the endless power of God
  •    Grasp the one process for every miracle
  •    Find the one way to connect to the miraculous
  •    Realize the one law that supersedes all other laws

After The Anatomy of a Miracle, you will never again grope in the darkness of despair and you will face every circumstance knowing you have the keys that open the door to the miracle that will change everything!

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    I have been a Spirit-filled Christian for 23 yrs. I am an Auxiliary Chaplain at a women’s prison here in Missouri. I first heard of Dr. Richards on Sid Roth’s show, It’s Supernatural. Anyway, I began purchasing his materials. I purchased The Prayer Organizer and The Anatomy of a Miracle. While meditating on Scriptures of righteousness in The Prayer Organizer, I began to realize that because I am righteous I have ALL things that Jesus has. I then began reading The Anatomy of a Miracle and applying what Dr. Richards taught me. As a result, I have 20/20 vision again. I am about 70% there. I’m now able to read Dr. Richards’ books without the aid of glasses and my vision is clearer and clearer every hour. I was so excited I could not wait until the entire manifestation arrived to share it! I realize that this is just the beginning; I have so much more to meditate on and receive. Thank you Dr. Richards; you are amazing!

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