The Stress Antidote Heart Physics® Meditations (No Teaching)



The Stress Antidote Heart Physics® Meditations contain four exercises to be used to support your journey in The Way of Peace and are the companions to The Stress Antidote Heart Physics® Series.

You may purchase The Stress Antidote Heart Physics® Module which contains both teaching series and the four meditations in one package.

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The most effective way to use these Heart Physics® exercises is as follows:

  1. The Way of Peace meditation is the starting point for this module. Making a decision to pursue peace and writing it on your heart is the foundation. Use this meditation as often as needed in the beginning. Then use it when there are violations of conscience or feelings of distance from God.
  2. Overcoming Negativity should be used in the second week. I recommend using this daily for as long as needed. Repeat this anytime you feel yourself becoming negative.
  3. Deep, Sweet, Healing Sleep can be used every night to help you reach deep levels of sleep while writing the truth on your heart about living in peace.
  4. Daily Energy & Intentions is best used first thing in the morning or as an energizer throughout the day. After the speaking part of the exercise is finished, continue listening to the sounds until you feel energized. Some people get too energized if they listen until the end. Do not use late in the day lest it interrupts your sleep patterns.

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