Roku HD_1Everything man does and every decision he makes is motivated by the anticipation of pain or pleasure. Man was not created to live in pain. God created us with a “fight or flight” mechanism that causes us to instinctively run from or avoid what we perceive as painful and draw toward what we perceive to be pleasure.

This pain and pleasure mechanism is a critical factor for creating a strong desire, and strong desire is the key to making decisions that last. Therefore, when we can attach massive amounts of pain to whatever we intend to stop and massive amounts of pleasure to what we intend to start the process will progress much easier than seems possible. Be assured, any decision to improve your life will always involve putting off (stopping something) and putting on (starting something).

After watching this week’s CyberChurch message, Choose Life, you may be ready to choose life and blessing as your new standard of life. To have a life that always works to your benefit is a life-dominating choice! This is when everything in you is powered by effortless intention: “I will always prosper in every situation! When I face financial challenges I will always find the solution. I will always be healthy and energetic, and if I am not I will always find the solution. I will always abide in peace. I will always be loving, merciful and kind. I will always abide in the life and blessings of God!”

Make a list of all the pain, suffering, sorrow and loss in your life because you have never chosen and become deliberate about always living in the life and blessings of God. Reflect on those experiences until you have the emotions attached to that pain. Then send that feeling away and send away any connection to that life.

Then make as long a list as you can of how your life would be better if you chose and lived in the life and blessings of God. Think on and imagine what your life would be and how you would feel living in those blessings. Then make your choice for life and blessings. Say it aloud. Write it down. Express gratitude toward God!

You have now taken your first and most important step to totally transforming your life. If you feel yourself starting to waver or stepping back into destructive behavior, review and experience your list.

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