If you’re hungry for a heart to heart connection with God this may be the greatest opportunity you’ll ever have!

God is a heart God! Every aspect of our relationship with Him is meant to be heart to heart: our heart to His. But, as you know, very little in our modern culture nourishes a heart relationship. In fact, religion is designed to keep the believer from actually connecting to the heart of God for himself or herself!


For many believers, being a Christian is…

  • Someone else reads and explains the Bible to you
  • Listening to sermons that have little value in daily life
  • Trying to live up to religious expectations
  • Never really being sure of what God wants from me
  • Struggling to really understand God and the Bible

Very little of what we’ve been taught about relating to God is based on God’s expressed intentions…

  • God wants a personal, individual relationship with every believer
  • He wants to be your friend, your father, your protector, and provider
  • He wants you to live in an unshakeable confidence called the peace of God
  • He wants to be your personal teacher of the scripture
  • He wants to mentor you through the Holy Spirit
  • He wants you to feel loved, safe, and hopeful
  • He wants to share a direct, intimate connection with you
  • He wants you to enjoy all the benefits of the Kingdom of heaven

Learning the language of the heart…

God originally communicated in a specific language; nothing with God is coincidental! He used a language that, more than any modern language, facilitates heart to heart communication. Sadly, modern Hebrew teachers have made the language intellectual, legalistic, one-dimensional, boring, and incredibly difficult to learn; usually missing the point of its unique capacity to open our heart to God… but it doesn’t have to be that way!

The Hebrew language has many unique aspects different from all other languages.

  • Its true meaning can only be known by those who know God
  • It always hides a secret meaning beyond the literal definition
  • What a person believes about God will either shine a light of revelation or a shroud of darkness
  • It always has a dimension for personal application
  • It was designed to require our heart to be engaged

No one wants to learn the Hebrew language…

I’ve always wanted to study Hebrew. I always knew there was something spiritual in the Hebrew language. But after studying Greek for most of my adult life, I also knew I didn’t want any more boring language classes!

Be sure you understand what I’m not saying…

I’m not talking about…

  • Spending hours on parts of speech
  • Memorizing endless linguistic details
  • Learning to read or speak Hebrew

Here’s what I’m offering…

  • A chance to discover how to do word studies that go beyond the lexicon and straight to the messages hidden in Hebrew words
  • Instead of lengthy memorization, you’ll learn how to use resources and tools that are readily available
  • Discover an approach to the Hebrew language that opens your heart to God in ways you never imagined
  • Be able to do more effective word research than many graduate level Hebrew students
  • Learn it all in one day

When the student is ready…

There is an ancient proverb that says: when the student is ready the teacher appears!

When my heart was ready to follow, the teacher I had sought, prayed, and search for appeared.

As a college-level theological teacher, I developed a methodology for Greek language studies that, was quick, efficient, accurate and gave amazing room to allow God to speak to our heart. Anyone could learn to do it with just a few language tools. It did not require that you become a language scholar, or learn to read Greek!

Sadly, I could never find that in a Hebrew teacher. The teachers I found were boring and totally missed the heart to heart aspect of the language. I didn’t have time or interest in endless memorization of information that could be found in any good lexicon. So my search for a Hebrew teacher went on for years, until…

Finally, a few years ago I found the Hebrew teacher, Chaim Bentorah, who was an answer to all those years of searching. In just a matter of hours, I was applying what I learned and discovering insight into the Hebrew language that confirmed everything God had ever showed me about His Word! It opened the teachings of Jesus and the apostles in ways I had never experienced in any language research.

Plus, the course was supported by an incredible amount of research that gave me great examples and endless resources for how to apply what I was learning. Few things have enhanced my intimate connection with God this much in years!

Learn to understand the heart to heart communication with God hidden in the Hebrew language, in one day, more effectively than those who have studied at a graduate level for years.

Here’s what You’ll Get in One Day!

  • Eight classes that will transform the way you read and understand the Bible
  • Access to incredible support materials
  • Question and answers
  • A special discount for groups

Three Ways to Participate…

  • If you want the live experience, you can attend live at Impact Ministries, Huntsville, AL
  • If you don’t want to travel, you can privately participate online from your own home.
  • If you want to pull together a group, you can do it from your home, church or the facility of your choice. Those who participate online will be given 3 days to complete the program, to better facilitate your group.